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Thank you, first responders!

May is filled with opportunities to thank first responders for their hard work and sacrifice. For example, May 4 was International Firefighters Day, and May 16-22 was National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) week. Of course, you can show your appreciation for these heroes and the lifesaving work they do any time of year. Here are just a few ways to make a first responder smile:

Bring (store-bought) treats

Who doesn’t appreciate receiving sweets or snacks as a thank you? Dropping off treats is the perfect way to show first responders you care, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Many first responder units won’t accept home-made goodies as a precaution, so it’s best to stick with the prepackaged, store-bought stuff. You can always call ahead to ask if there’s a favorite treat that first responders would enjoy, but be sure to use a non-emergency line. Handing out gift cards to local restaurants and coffeehouses is also a great option!

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Write a note of appreciation

Often, just hearing about how they’ve made a difference in their communities can mean the world to first responders. Whether you deliver a hand-written note, send an email or post on social media, these professionals are sure to be grateful for your support. Unsure of what to write? Maybe share a story about how a first responder made a difference in your life, or how their courage inspired you or a family member!

Give out practical gifts

The day-to-day life of a first responder can be stressful, so why not look for a gift that makes their day a little brighter? For ambulance drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel, gifting a Scentsy Car Bar Clip could be a thoughtful way of showing your appreciation. For first responders that do a lot of strenuous work outdoors, Scent Paks can work wonders to keep lockers, backpacks and bags freshly scented! Like with treats, it’s best to inquire ahead of time to see if there are any local rules or regulations on what first responders can accept as gifts.

At Scentsy, we’re grateful to all our first responders for their courage and self-sacrifice in the name of keeping our communities safe and healthy!

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