Are Scentsy products safe?

Are Scentsy products safe? It’s a natural question to ask about anything you plan to use in your home, on your skin, with your kids or pets, and one that we’re proud to answer with a resounding yes! At Scentsy, our mission is to bring value to the world, which makes the health and wellness of everyone who enjoys Scentsy products our top priority.

Scentsy only uses safe ingredients

With Scentsy fans all over the world, our products are formulated to comply with all federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, as well as the International Fragrance Association’s Code of Practice, the California Air Resources Board regulations and the European Union’s REACH requirements. These efforts ensure we only use safe ingredients, and at levels that pose no risk to your health or the environment!


Scentsy Warmers reduce risk

Scentsy Warmers are often referred to as “wickless candles,” but the wick isn’t the only thing these popular products have done away with. They’re a flameless, smokeless, soot-less solution for those looking to enjoy great fragrance. The lack of an open flame alone makes these warmers a far safer option than candles, especially with kids and pets in the house! Want to know more about warmer safety? Check out these tips!

All Scentsy products are rigorously tested

From Scentsy Warmers to Scentsy Car Bars, all of our products are designed to perform their intended function safely. For this reason, Scentsy products should only be used as intended — do not wear Scentsy Room Sprays as perfume, for example. If you want to wear Scentsy fragrance on your body, check out Scentsy Body products, which were created with ingredients accepted as safe and effective for use in personal care products. It’s all about finding the right product for your needs.

Part of enjoying great fragrance is the peace of mind in knowing you don’t have to worry about safety concerns. That’s why we remain committed to making high-quality products that the whole family can enjoy!


  1. Heidi

    In your essential oils do they have fillers?? Or are they pure 100% plant oil?? I’ve recently got a diffuser & reading about oils being harmful to pets especially cats.

    • Scentsy

      We care a lot about our pets and what goes into our products, which is why we do not use any fillers to dilute or stretch the oils we use. Some pets can be more sensitive to certain types of oils. For any concern with using fragrance around your pets, it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian first.

  2. Tom

    Wow such an awesome blog post! I recently got myself started with Scentsy and I am supper excited to get started!

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