Change out fragrances in a snap with these Scentsy wax hacks!

Photo of soaking up Scentsy wax with cotton balls

Scentsy Bars (and depending on the time of year, bricks) are kind of addictive, aren’t they?

Swapping out scents, trying different fragrance combinations. Wax is a way of life for Scentsy fans, and so is wax clean-up.

It can be tricky to rid a warmer of old wax to make room for a new, fresh bar. We’ve discovered some handy hacks over the years for easy wax clean-up, so you can focus on the important part: having fun with fragrance!

Try one or more of these tricks the next time you swap scents:

  • Put a ribbon at the bottom of your warmer dish — be sure an end is sticking out on one side! — then when it’s time to swap out the wax, unplug your warmer, let the wax cool, then grab the end of the ribbon to pop out the whole piece.
  • When the wax is still melted, drop a cotton ball in the warmer dish (typically one cotton ball per cube of wax) and let it soak up all the wax, then remove and toss in the trash.
  • Pour liquid wax in the trash (never down the drain!), then wipe the warmer dish clean with a paper towel.
  • Turn off your warmer and let the wax cool. Next, turn it back on and let the wax get a little soft —it will then slide out of the dish and into the trash in one piece.
  • Turn off your warmer and let the wax cool until it’s solid. Then, using a knife, gently loosen the edges and pop the wax out in one piece. If you choose this method, do so careful because if you scratch or break your dish it isn’t covered by the warranty.

Photo of wax circles

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And to make the most of your fragrance experience, be sure you’re warming the optimal amount of wax cubes for your warmer’s size and wattage. Luckily, we’ve made that easy! Each warmer released in the Fall/Winter 2017 season and beyond has the suggested number of wax cubes listed under the warmer dish. For any warmers that debuted before that season, simply ask your Consultant and they can guide you. If you don’t have a Consultant, find one here.

Do you have any cool (or warm!) wax hacks to share? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Patsy aka HappyKarma Reply

    Hey … you seem to have missed the basic “pour your wax that’s not quite finished being fragrant back into the its original container to be used again later”.

  2. Jeannie Briney Reply

    Soak up the warm wax with a paper napkin and tuck the paper into a small paper bathroom cup…makes great firestarter for the fireplace!

  3. Kristy Reply

    In the past (it wasn’t a Scentsy warmer, btw) I would put my wax dish in the freezer, after the wax and dish were cooled. I would put my wax dish in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes. The wax will harden, and pop right out of the dish! No mess! I have recently been using the cotton ball method!

  4. Shan Reply

    Instead of a knife use the plastic clamshell cintainers top edge to pop the hardened wax out of the dish. I also use cotton balls to soak up used wax and stuff inside a use toilet paper roll to use as Firestarter when we go camping.

  5. Amy Upperman Reply

    My favorite way to remove the wax from all of my warmers is to let the wax harden and use my Tupperware plastic citrus peeler to pop out the entire piece of wax. It comes out of the dish all in one piece and leaves the dish clean and the plastic doesn’t scratch my dish either. I call it my ‘wax getter-outter”!

  6. Luna Reply

    I like to use wooden chopsticks to remove mine in one solid mass. Safer and less destructive than using a knife.

    • Scentsy Reply

      Great tip!

  7. Jessica Oropeza Reply

    Even better yet, ask your consultant for a super awesome, Scentsy spatula! No scratch, easy peasy way to remove semi-solid wax? the knife is a no go!

    • Kimberly Connel Reply

      Not finding spatula with search…

      • Scentsy Reply

        Hi Kimberly, the spatulas can be ordered through a Scentsy Consultant only as they are not available on their normal website. 💜

  8. DJ Harrell Reply

    How do you get the smell out of the scentsy when you change scents?

    • Scentsy Reply

      Hi DJ, you can simply use a paper towel after pouring out the wax to wipe any excess out of the dish. After it’s been wiped out, put in the new wax you wish to use and you’re good to go!

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