Why we use synthetics in Scentsy Bars

We’re all drawn to different fragrances, some find they like floral or fresh scents, others find they enjoy something else, we are all different. Our tastes are impacted by the lives we’ve lived and the memories we’ve made. Scent has the power to tie our emotions back to all kinds of special moments:

  • Do you get teary-eyed every time you smell fresh-cut grass because it reminds you of your dad?
  • Are you instantly happy when you smell the crisp ocean air? Hello, summer vacation!
  • Or maybe you HATE the beach and the scent of the ocean makes you not happy at all.

It’s always interesting to witness an extreme reaction to fragrance, good or bad!

Each season at Scentsy, we offer more than 80 fragrance varieties in our Scentsy Bars and on-the-go products because we get it. We want you to express your uniqueness and fill your home with scents that make you smile — and you need options to be able to do that.


Plus, we LOVE fragrance — especially when it comes to designing scents that connect you to your memories!

So what exactly do we put in our fragrances to make them spark such emotion and connection?

Here’s the short answer: In addition to many natural fragrant oils, we also use synthetic ingredients because you just can’t simulate EVERY natural fragrance naturally.

Do you love the scent of crisp ocean air or a summer thunderstorm? We do, too! But it’s impossible to deliver that exact fragrance without a few synthetic ingredients. Think about it: How would you harvest, bottle and sell all-natural, bona-fide fresh air?

Still scratching your head? Here’s more:

  • Perfumers from around the world select from THOUSANDS of different natural and synthetic ingredients to create unique fragrance formulas.
  • Most scents are made up of a mixture of natural and synthetic fragrance oils.
  • Without synthetic ingredients, our options would be very limited! (Unless we were OK with mass deforestation or the unrestrained use of our natural resources.)
  • All-natural ingredients often come with a higher price tag — that’s why pure essential oils are more expensive and vary widely by oil type. To maintain a steady price point for Scentsy Bars and our other core fragrance products, we incorporate synthetics.
  • All-natural fragrance oils aren’t BETTER than the fragrance oils we use in Scentsy Bars, they’re just different. All Scentsy products are SAFE when used appropriately. (Meaning: Don’t EAT a Scentsy Bar just because it smells like yummy cinnamon rolls!)
  • Scentsy fragrance products are specially formulated and tested to comply with EPA regulations, the International Fragrance Association’s Code of Practice and the California Air Resources Board regulations, all of which restrict the use of fragrance ingredients that pose a risk to consumer health or the environment. Learn more here.

Still looking for an all-natural fragrance experience?

We’ve got you covered. In 2015, we launched an incredible line of Scentsy Oils, comprised of globally sourced ingredients chosen for the beauty of their fragrances. We have three types:


  • Essential Oils are steam distilled from the most fragrant botanicals and offer a pure, singular fragrance.
  • Essential Oil Blends are a bit more complex, made up of pure essential oils layered together.
  • 100% Natural Oils are most similar to the multidimensional Scentsy Bar fragrances you love, but all-natural.

Scentsy Oils were designed to be diffused, so to experience them you’ll also need a handcrafted Scentsy Diffuser. To order, contact your Scentsy Consultant or find one at


  1. Debbie

    Can you put more than 1 scent / oil in the diffuser ? If so how do you know which scents/ oils compliment each other. Will you be sharing mix combo suggestions ? Thank You Loving the information !!!

    • Scentsy

      That is a great recommendation for a future blog post! In our current Spring/ Summer 2016 Catalog we do have a few recommended Scentsy Signature mixes for oils. Try the Bergamont + Tangerine or the Lavender + Eucalyptus!

  2. Dana

    Clearly the waxes aren’t meant to be ingested, but I was told that it wouldn’t hurt you as well. If a child was to ingest Scentsy product would it be life threatening?

    • Scentsy

      We only use safe natural and synthetic ingredients in our products. Check out the article “How safe is Scentsy?”. It will explain in greater detail the types of ingredients we use. If a child were to ingest our wax on accident, they would be okay. But we still recommend proper storage and only use as recommended.

  3. candles4moms

    I never thought about the effect on the world’s natural resources if everyone used only non-synthetic oils. We’ve already seen the effect of paper on our forests. Imagine if all the flowers and plants were being harvested for scents! It would be devastating! Thank you for such a great explanation on why it is important to use synthetic oils in addition to natural oils for fragrance in the Scentsy bars!

  4. Paula M Strelitzer

    Is scentsy tested on animals?

    • Scentsy

      Hi Paula, thank you for your question!

      Scentsy, Inc does not test on animals and finished Scentsy products are not tested on animals. However depending on the product, individual ingredients may have been tested on animals at some point.

      In order to fully meet Cruelty Free standards, it is required that neither a finished good nor its ingredients be tested on animals.

      For the protection of consumers, chemical development companies must establish product safety. Take for example cosmetic products, or products intended to come into direct contact with skin, which may be absorbed into the blood stream. Chemical safety must be established to ensure that those who are exposed to a chemical will not be harmed or have lasting side-effects. Often times, the most effective way to establish product safety is to conduct animal testing. Information on Animal Testing and Cosmetics provided by the FDA states that, “…in all cases where animal testing is used, the FDA advocates that research and testing derive the maximum amount of useful scientific information from the minimum number of animals and employ the most humane methods available within the limits of scientific capability.”

  5. Anony

    What exactly are the ingredients in Scentsy? Why are they unlisted if they are harmless?
    If people are to believe the validity of your product there must be more evidence then just taking your word for it.

    Looking forward to what you have to say

    • Scentsy

      Hi, Anony. Thank you for your question. Scentsy has many wonderful products and ingredients vary depending on the product. To find the contents of each product. Simply look on the product label under where it says “ingredients”.

      • Ashleigh Hosler

        There’s no list of ingredients on your site for individual products. Apparently, we’ll have to buy it first before we can see the ingredients list?

        Where can I find your lab results for individual products? I’d like to see how much of a synthetic and what synthetics are in each product.


        • Scentsy

          Hi Ashleigh, ingredients are listed for our Laundry and Clean products on the website. If you need any additional ingredient details, please email us at

  6. Rebecca

    In response to your comments on animal testing, how is it that so many other companies are completely cruelty free if animal testing must be done for consumer safety? You specifically mentioned cosmetics and there are quite a lot to choose from who do not test on animals at any point in their production of any make up or skin care lines nor do they use ingredients that have been tested on animals. I think Scentsy could make the commitment to only use ingredients that haven’t been tested on animals but they choose not to, otherwise it would be impossible for so many companies to be cruelty free. Truth is, animal testing is completely unnecessary because of all the technology that’s available.

    • Paula Hagan

      I agree with your comment 100%, Rebecca! I was going to ask the exact same questions! I will no longer buy anything from this company.

  7. Tracy L. Hassell

    I have a Macaw, is Scentsy safe around such birds?

    • Scentsy

      Hi Tracy, Many people already use Scentsy around their birds with no ill effects. As you know, the respiratory system of a bird is unique. It is more susceptible to irritation and inflammation from inhaling scented products such as scented candles, incense, carpet freshener, or air fresheners. One major difference between Scentsy and regular candles is that there is no burning involved to create the fragrance experience. If you’re unsure about using any scented products around your birds, check with your veterinarian first. ?

  8. Gauri

    I would like to know why we cannot see the levels of testing for safety with your essential oils. Other companies are transparent with such a thing and are visible on their webpages. Why is Scentsy not being fully transparent? If your product is safe, why the worry to hide it for those of us who need to research before we buy.

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