Three ways to celebrate friendship

Here’s to friendship

One of the joys of this year has been reconnecting with friends and neighbors. Simple group activities like meeting for coffee, play dates and movie nights have taken on a special significance as life opens back up — many of us didn’t realize how much we’d miss these gatherings until they were gone. Whether you’re making up for lost time with old pals or growing entirely new friendships, now’s the perfect time to show your appreciation for the time you spend together! Here are just a few ideas:

Get crafty!

If you or your bestie has an artistic side, why not do a group project together? This can be anything from making friendship bracelets to a photo album of your adventures — the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! Alternatively, you can always surprise your friend with a hand-made gift. This works particularly well if your schedules don’t often align — what matters most is that you’re left with a personal expression of your friendship!

Honor friendship with fragrance

Scent can evoke powerful memories, making it the perfect medium to build lasting bonds of friendship. Our new Best Friends Buddy Clips embody this idea. These two adorable koalas complete each other — literally — allowing you to hang on to one, and give the other to your bestie. Scented in our Best Berry fragrance, these Buddy Clips are a sweet way to maintain the bonds of friendship no matter the distance!

Acts that show you care

You don’t have to craft or buy a gift to show your BFF you care. Sometimes a simple caring act can drive home just how meaningful your bond is. Chances are you know what your friend could use a hand with, but it never hurts to ask! Have they been talking about needing to reorganize their garage? Offer to pitch in! Are they in desperate need of some rest and relaxation? Volunteer to babysit and/or look after their pets! Even if your friend doesn’t take you up on an offer to help, the fact you were willing to volunteer will mean a lot to them. How are you and your friends are celebrating the bonds you share? Let us know in the comments!

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