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Scentsy 18th Anniversary balloons

It’s Scentsy’s anniversary month, and we couldn’t be more excited! Having just wrapped up Warm the Heart Week, we’ve already been getting in touch with our roots. But as a home fragrance company, no anniversary celebration would be complete without revisiting our first scents. Let’s dive into Scentsy’s original fragrances!

Humble beginnings

In 2004 Scentsy launched as a party planning company, complete with a picture book of products to introduce ourselves to the world. While not quite a full-fledged Scentsy catalog as we know them today,  this 2004 publication laid the foundation for the future. While the coming years would see the introduction of seasonal catalogs, professional graphic designers, copywriters and more, it’s undeniable the passion for fragrance was there from the very beginning. This 2004 “proto-catalog” included a whopping 80 fragrances — and a few, like Baked Apple Pie and Sunkissed Citrus are still available today!

Scentsy original fragrances

Sweet memories

While we can’t go through every single fragrance we launched with in 2004, we can highlight a few Scentsy trends from the early days. It’s clear our love of sweet, bakery notes has always been there, with scents ranging from Sticky Cinnamon Bun and Sugar Cookie to Perfect Pecan Pie and Peppermint Patty. While we love all our fragrance families, there’s no denying we wanted to show our sweet side from the start!

’Tis the seasons — all of them

As mentioned above, Scentsy’s current practice of releasing seasonal catalogs wasn’t in place in 2004. For that reason, the fragrances included in this first publication had a lot of ground to cover: Wintery scents like Eggnog were listed right alongside warm weather favorites like Fresh Cut Cantaloupe. While you won’t find Christmas Tree Scentsy Bars in our Spring/Summer lineup anymore, it’s clear Scentsy has always had a commitment to providing fragrances for every time of year!

Scents of the past

While we can’t keep every fragrance around from season to season, it doesn’t mean these classic Scentsy Bars are gone for good. Twice a year our Bring Back My Bar promotion lets Scentsy fans vote to bring back retired scents for a limited time! Scentsy Club members also have access to the Always Get My Bar perk — allowing them to keep receiving their favorite fragrances from season to season, even if they’re no longer in the catalog!

What’s the first Scentsy fragrance you fell in love with? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Blaine

    Happy Birthday and Sticky Cinnamon bun were my favorites

    • Norma Santiago

      Pink Tulips was a scent of the month that never made the catalog. I miss it! Such a beautiful scent!

  2. Tammy

    Almond Croissant, Now & Zen, Ghostly Greetings & Sleep Happy

  3. Carol

    Sedona sunset. Want it back!!!

  4. Terri Mayfield

    Beach . . . always!

  5. Wanada Kimball

    Oh my gosh!! I wish I was a consultant in the beginning. I love the older bars. We have come so far

  6. AMallory

    I’m fairly new to Scentsy, but my absolute year round fave is Bright Cider Life, closely followed by Breakfast in Bed.

  7. Marianne


    This is the scent has hooked me on Scentsy 14 years ago! The last time it was in the BBMB, my husband ordered 60 bars! That was before Scentsy Club. It’s in the voting for BBMB and I’m voting for it every day! I NEED it in my Scentsy Club!

  8. Nena McClintic

    My 2 all time favorites are Key Lime Tortilla and Falling Leaves!!!

  9. Tammy

    Just new to scentsy only started buying in April. Fav bar is mulled cider and spice. But seen a lady with a tinkerbell warmer and now I want one do you ever plan on bringing it back?

    • Scentsy

      It’s always possible it could return in the future!

      • Dana Smith

        Eskimo Kiss

        • Scentsy

          That scent is now called Polar Bear Hug 💙

  10. Marleen Looyen

    Mountain retreat!!! Please bring it back. It’s so old that nobody knows to vote for it for BBMB. Thanks, Marleen Looyen I was a consultant but do not have a website anymore.

  11. Casey peck

    Coconut lemongrass was my first favorite.

  12. Veda Hellman

    Lush Gardenia & Beach

  13. Dawn Boudreaux

    Sweet pea&vanilla, flirtatious, run2me, amber road. These are just a few of my favorites.

  14. Hannah

    I started ordering Scentsy as a teenager in 2009, and loved it ever since! I can still remember the very first bars I ever ordered. Sugar cookie, sugar, flirtatious, enchanted mist, citrus sun tea, satin sheets, and my wish! Some oldies, and my favorites!

  15. Heather Perkins


  16. Robin

    Citrus Suntea! PLEASE bring it back!

  17. Carol

    Sedona Sunset

  18. Bev Francis

    Spruce and citrus. PLEASE bring it back.

  19. Leeanne Wilson

    Guava nectar was the first scent I fell in love with

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