DIY Egg Decorating with Scentsy Wax

Above photo view of a table with egg dying material and a Scentsy Warmer

We all know Scentsy Bars are second to none when it comes to exquisite fragrance, but did you ever think about using the wax to create beautiful designs on your Easter eggs?

It’s almost like using a white crayon to write names or doodles on plain hardboiled eggs before dipping them into the colored egg dye, but way cooler!

Here’s how:

    1. Start with clean, dry, room-temperature hard-boiled or blown-out eggs. (Wax won’t properly adhere to cold eggs.)
    2. Pull out those old Scentsy Bars that you’ve already used in your warmers along with design tools such as an old thin paintbrush, chopstick or wooden skewer.
    3. Prep a selection of festive egg dye colors.
    4. Melt the wax in your Scentsy Warmer and carefully dip your paintbrush or the end of your chopstick or skewer into the wax to drizzle, dot or draw a design on the egg.

Photo of person dying eggs aside Scentsy Warmer

  1. Allow the wax to solidify, then dip the egg into your desired colored dye. Room temperature dye works best with the wax.
  2. Set the dyed eggs aside to dry.
  3. When the eggs are dry, peel off the Scentsy wax and marvel at your creativity!

Photo of colored eggs atop grass

Running low on Scentsy Bars

— or any Scentsy product? Contact your Consultant, or find one here.

How do you decorate your Easter eggs? Comment below with your creative ideas!


  1. Linda Boucher

    Wow so excited to have my grandkids do this with my old waxes .. just want to say thank you for letting us know. I’m a total dedicated scentsy product buyer and I love my scentsy consultant Stephanie Bora she is the best , never forgetting your favorite scent or products. Always there to help you out no matter what , a problem can be solved within Minutes with no questions asked except for making sure you have things correct.

  2. cari L kelly

    Ohhh I love this ! I have been saving the scentsy wax. Now I am really glad I did !

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