Here’s a treat: Scentsy Go Wraps

Photo of Scentsy Go with colorful wrap in front of pumpkins

Every Halloween raises the important question, “What are you going to be this year?”

For kids and adults, the choices are often superheroes, villains, creatures and characters of all kinds. For Scentsy Go, our portable fragrance system, you can choose whatever motif fits your mood or personality — at Halloween and all-year round!

Scentsy Go Wraps adhere to either your Scentsy Go or Scentsy Go Solid unit, covering it all around with an image that expresses your vibe and enhances your fragrance experience — and as Scentsy fans know, that experience can be just about anywhere, thanks to Scentsy Go’s compact, cordless design.

Which Scentsy Go Wrap goes with you? Is it:

  • Explore, a majestic mountainscape reflected on a tranquil blue lake?
  • Bloom, awakening pansies popping with color on a white floral backdrop?
  • Abstract, funky shapes and patterns in colors soft and bold?
  • Relax, a tropical beach getaway complete with loungers and umbrella?

Maybe it’s all four! Switch them up now and then to keep things fresh. Whichever one you choose, just wrap it around your Scentsy Go, add a fragrant Scentsy Pod or two and go anywhere: to the living room, the bedroom, or your office at work, with or without the added ambience of a 7-color LED light display. See our Scentsy Go choices.

Photo of scentsy customer putting a Scentsy Go with a cool new decorative wrap into her purse

Speaking of Scentsy Pods — what you drop into your Scentsy Go to fill any small space with our signature fragrances — those can be switched up, too. New additions to the Scentsy Pod line include Apple & Cinnamon Sticks and Very Snowy Spruce, seasonal favorites that join popular picks like Luna and Pumpkin Roll. Check out our entire selection.

So as you’re dressing your littles ones with capes, crowns and all the accoutrements this Halloween, think about how you’re going to style your Scentsy Go with Scentsy Go Wraps. That kind of dress-up is just as fun!

Already “costumed” your Scentsy Go? Share what you love about the wrap(s) you chose in the comments below.

Questions about any of the products in this post? Contact your Consultant, who’s always happy to help you. If you don’t have a Consultant, find one now.

That’s a wrap. Happy Halloween!


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