Beginner’s Guide to cleaning with Scentsy

It’s spring cleaning season, and Scentsy is here to help! Our wide selection of Clean products isn’t  just infused with beloved Scentsy fragrances — it features high-quality cleaners designed to deliver spectacular results. We’ve even put together a handy cleaning chart to organize your routine!

Why choose Scentsy Clean products

From the kitchen to the tub, Clean delivers spectacular results without the phosphates, dyes, ammonia, chlorine or bleach, leaving nothing but fresh fragrance behind! They’re also fast and simple to use, allowing you to work smarter, not harder. If you’re on top of your cleaning game, it only takes around 15-30 minutes a day to stay up on a clean fresh amazing smelling home!

Where to use each product

Many Scentsy Clean products are specialized to deliver the most effective results in a few select areas. Usually, these areas are right in the name: Counter Clean is perfect for most nonporous counters and table tops, leaving a clear barrier that repels dirt. Likewise, Scentsy Dish Soap’s concentrated cleaning power creates plenty of suds while remaining gentle on your hands. And of course, Scentsy Bathroom Cleaner’s citric acid-based formula is ideal for removing grime and soap scum from tile floors, porcelain, sealed stone and other common bathroom surfaces (more tips for a sparkling-clean bathroom).

When you need a great multi-use cleaning solution, Scentsy’s All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate cuts through grime and dirt on most household surfaces. And each All-Purpose Cleaner goes a long way: The concentrated formula mixes with water to create six 16-oz. bottles worth of cleaning power!

Weekly Scentsy Clean schedule

Here’s our recommended cleaning schedule using the full range of Scentsy Clean products! You can download a printable version below:

Download cleaning schedule 

Want more Scentsy cleaning tips? Check out our ultimate spring cleaning guide!

How to never run out of Scentsy Clean

Keep your cleaning supplies well-stocked and your budget pristine by using Bundle & Save to get discounts on Scentsy Clean products. Then, add these bundles to recurring Scentsy Club orders to never have to worry about running out of these household essentials. Not a Club member? Learn about all the perks!

What about laundry?

Want to freshen up clothes and fabrics with great Scentsy fragrance? Try our lineup of Laundry products and learn how Scentsy can simplify your laundry routine!

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