Turn your side business into a full-time job!

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Is your side business a passion project?

Are you a direct seller trying to figure out how to turn your passion project into a full-time job? Maybe you want more flexibility in your day-to-day to dedicate to coursework, being a mommy or lounging poolside this summer.

If you want to turn your side business into a full-time gig* to pursue the other things that make you happy, check out these tips and business ideas for turning your passion project into a full-time love!

Really KNOW your customers.

Selling to someone once is good, but selling to them on a consistent basis will help your business be sustainable! You do this is by learning your customers’ preferences for product and selling style. How do they like to receive information? Newsletters, Facebook, in-person? Then take it one step further and find out their birthdays, anniversaries, favorite colors or hobbies, and keep accurate customer records. Then you’ll have a reason to reach out and their preferred method to do so whenever new products launch.

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Follow up.

Always follow up after you’ve made a sale. Your new customer could have a question about how a product works or they may want to place another order already. Scentsy even offers a great tool for doing just that! It’s called Maven. Check it out! There are loads of different systems for following up. It’s a way of providing excellent customer service, so find one that works for you, and then do it!

Sponsoring is key!

Most direct sellers are successful because they grow their team as they’re growing their sales. Make sure you share the business opportunity at least a few times every week. And don’t be afraid of reflection or hearing no – that’s part of owning a business! It’s a great way to change your mindset. Plus, you’ll be surprised by who says yes, and the more you share, the faster you start moving up in the compensation plan.* (We have a great compensation plan if you’re looking to join Scentsy!)

Treat your business like a business.

If you want it to be a business, treat it like one. Track your customers and expenses.  Track your business activities — things like samples you’ve purchased, parties and events, mileage, important meetings, etc. Business owners keep track of EVERYTHING because it helps later when filing taxes, following up and planning for the future. You could use something similar to this invoice template to keep track of what you need to within your business.

If you think Scentsy might be a good side business or full-time job, learn more here, or talk to your Consultant. If you don’t have a Consultant, you can find one here.

*Consultants earn 20 percent on the first 1,000 points in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) and 25 percent on PRV after that, plus up to a 9 percent bonus on Personal Wholesale Volume based on rank and a 5 percent bonus when sales exceed 2,000 points in PRV in any given month. In addition to the commission you earn on your sales, you can earn multiple bonuses based on your team performance.


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    This is fabulous! Thank you SCENTSY for always giving us the tools we need to help grow and succeed in our business!

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